Gardening at Oakdale

September 2018

Gardening Club

As harvest time is coming to an end, it’s a good opportunity to look back and think about the successes (and failures!) the Gardening Club have had this year.

They have expanded the use of the greenhouse and the children used it to grow tomatoes, chillies and lettuce. The tomatoes were a particular success and are still producing. They will use the unripe fruit to make some Oakdale Chutney which we will sell at the Christmas Fair.

Due to the summer being unusually warm, our lettuces and potatoes struggled as we could not keep up with the amount of water that they needed but not to be deterred, the group learned to propagate basil, mint and rosemary from cuttings so we could have some free plants.

The rosemary and mint was used in flavoured salts and the basil in nut- free pestos -both of which the children sold at City Hall, London and which were a great success.

At City Hall, Oakdale’s Gardening Team also won the ‘most innovative idea’ prize with their seed tapes which was very exciting.

Gardening Club goes from strength to strength and the list of children wanting to join is growing all the time so if you ever want to help us to ‘Grow Your Own’, please don’t hesitate to contact the school, we would love to hear from you!


12th March 2018

Gardening Club has started in earnest

Our group had the chance to sow some Money Maker tomatoes, make a light reflector and create a worm farm all in one session.

We are also asking  the children to bring in any avocado stones so that we can root them and hopefully grow them into amazing house plants to take home. Please put them in a see through plastic bag and send them into Mrs Beacon or Mrs Hyde. If your child wants to grow their own individual avocado plant please label the bag as all avocado stones are very similar!

If any members of the Gardening Club would like to make their own individual worm farm, please send them in with an empty 2 litre plastic bottle and we will help them to do the rest.

Filling seed trays
Filling Seed Trays


Making a worm hotel fit for a king.
Making a worm hotel fit for a king.


Sorry Mr Grub – It’s not for you !