Behaviour System

At Oakdale Junior School, we believe that good behaviour is essential for learning and the development of the child into a responsible and caring adult. With this in mind we strive to give the children the necessary guidance and boundaries to ensure that this happens.

Governing Body statement of principles:

Our behaviour system links to our school vision and aims, whole school charters and individual class charters:

  • Take responsibility for your own learning and behaviour
  • Engage in active learning
  • Respect learning by moving quietly and sensibly around the building
  • Be aware of all in the school community (staff, pupils and visitors)
  • Show respect to others in the community by smiling and showing we care about each other
  • Show respect to the school building and environment by keeping it clean, tidy and of a high quality
  • Respect all equipment, use it safely and make sure it can be used by everyone
  • Take turns and be responsible for making sure that games are played fairly and safely
  • Respect each other’s personal space and walk away to find help if a situation is becoming difficult
  • Treat all adults with respect, listen to them and speak to them politely
  • Wear the correct school uniform

The summary guide for parents can be downloaded here

Full Behaviour Policy can be viewed here