Educational Visits

Educational Visits are a key part of the curriculum at Oakdale Junior School. They provide an invaluable resource which enables children to learn from a wide range of experiences with a hands-on approach to learning that embodies the school’s vision of ‘Learning for Life’. All children are able to take part in a wide range of visits both within the local area as well as further afield.

A range of trips are made available to pupils across their school career.

Additional visits are used to enhance the wider curriculum. These may be subject specific e.g. PE competitions, or group specific e.g. School Council visit. A residential trip is offered to pupils in Year 5.

Members of staff carry out pre-visits to ensure that trips are appropriate, suitable and will enhance learning.

Parental Consent

As we go on so many educational visits all parents/carers are asked to sign a parental consent letter when their child joins the school. This is in line with government recommendations. This consent form for regular activities will cover the pupil for their school career at OJS. This will mean that individual letters for local trips do not need to be sent out but teachers will, of course, inform parents on the class update.

Additional trip letters for consent will be required for:

      • Trips that go outside normal school hours
      • If money is required


If you would like to help on an educational visit please let the class teacher know. All parent volunteers will be given generic school guidance and visit specific information before leaving school.

Parents are asked not to take photographs of the children. School staff will take photographs where appropriate as they are aware of photograph permissions.

Charging and remissions policy: Charging and Remissions