Policies are available to view by clicking on the links below.  If you would like paper copies, please ask for these in the office.

For curriculum polices please see Curriculum Policies

Acceptable Use: Aup staff updated 2018

Accessibility Plan: Accessibility Plan policy 2014 – 2017

Accessibility Action Plan: Accessibility Action Plan 2014 – 2017

Admissions and Induction: Admission and induction procedures reviewed Autumn 2014

Anti-Bullying Policy: Anti-Bullying-Policy September 2018 OIS and OJS

Attendance Policy: Attendance policy

Behaviour Policy: Behaviour policy

Charging and remissions: Charging and Remissions

Complaints Policy: COMPLAINTS

Data Protection: Data Policy 18

EAL: EAL Policy September 2014

Equality: Equality Information and Objectives

Equality Action Plan: Equality Action Plan 2014-17

Equal Opportunities: Equal opportunities 14

Extreme Weather Policy: Extreme Weather Procedures 2017

Freedom of Information: Freedom of information

Health and Safety: HS Policy Oakdale – Updated Nov.2016

Privacy Notice: Parents Privacy Notice Oakdale Juniors

Race Equality Policy: Race equality policy OJS 2015

Racial Incident Reporting Procedures: Racial incident reporting procedure OJS 2015

Radicalisation and Extremism Policy Statement: Radicalisation & Extremism policy statement

Safeguarding and Child Protection: Safeguarding policy Sept 2018 Final Version

SEN: Oakdale Junior and Infant SEN Policy final version (1)