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Transition for Year 6

Moving on to secondary school is a big milestone and a time that brings increased independence. Most children experience a smooth transition and these useful tips can help your family take that next step with confidence

Have conversations about safety, whether at school, online, or when out and about. In our school, all Year 6 parents/carers will receive Redbridge council’s Step into Secondary resource with conversation starters for families to talk through a range of challenging scenarios – make sure to use it over the summer.

  • It’s important children know where they can get help – practice speaking out and getting help with your child. Reassure them that they can always come to you with any worries.
  • Make sure your child has phone numbers for important contacts as well as their address written down. They should keep this in their bag in case they need help.
  • Your child will meet a lot of new people at secondary school – reinforce messages on respectful and kind interactions at all times.
  • Reach out if you or your child have questions about the transition. At our school, the best person to contact is Miss Naiker, our Assistant Head for Inclusion.