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Year 5

Olympic week has been incredible; such superb sportsmanship and Olympians in the making! Bravo Year 5, from all of the Year 5 team.

Ancient Greek day- minting our own coins, inspired by the earliest found coins of the Aegean!

5T were really motivated by Miss Smith's assembly about the G7 summit and Girl's Education. They created these amazing posters to display their ideas and pledge requests for G7 govenrments. Enjoy, Miss Thorpe and 5T

Live from the state of Verona; The News has just come in regarding the terrible fate of...

Romeo and also of Mercutio.


Watch with caution 5T's tragic news reports!

5T Watch out- a News Round about; up to date coverage of the Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio drama.

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Sadie & co reporters; part 1

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Sadie & co reporters; Part 2

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Leo & co reporters; part1

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Leo & co reporters; part 2

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5T Romeo newsreport.mp4

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5LE Maori inspired Art and dance.

5C Haka our team style; listen out for the words!


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5C Haka, 5C style!

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5T our face painting inspired by Maori Art.


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5T and their marvellous team Haka.

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Descriptions of The Highwayman poem written by 5LE.

5C have been getting creative!

Since being back at school, we have been getting our imaginations going in 5C! We created model drones to support sustainable farming, planted our own vegetable seeds and even found time to do some writing on the Highwayman.

5T March; The Haka

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With a Spring in our step (enjoy the pun) we have created our own version of the
terrifyingly world famous Haka. This is pre our Maori face paints.

5T March Haka

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It's a Christmas Luncheon with 5T

5T at Christmas time; We wish one and all a Merry Christmas. Look closely at the beautiful Christmas cards the children designed, which were sent to Care Homes.

Enjoy the wonderful poetry of 5T and their Christmas Wish for their family and for those less fortunate

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5C have been extremely busy over the last few weeks conducting science experiments and raising money for charity! I am sure if you ask them about it they will be happy to give you more details! 

Christmas is coming to 5LE... and our children are enjoying acting out scenes from their class book, which is inspiring their writing. Watch this space for their writing... coming soon!

5T have been frosty in their wonderful costumes for Children in Need, Viscous Vikings in their imaginations, History and Art lessons, Scientific thinkers whilst investigating the effect or affect?? of gravity; Well I'm sure that they can tell you all about it! Best Wishes, Miss Thorpe.

It's now November the 20th and 5T have been investigating exploding reactions- helping NASA with their predictions, completing artistic impressions from the battle of the Iron Man and the SBAD, reflecting on then designing Road safety posters and today, participating in Glow day! Miss Thorpe thanks all of her amazing class.

This week the wonderful 5T have been investigating the impact of asteroids crashing on the moon!  Do ask them about it.  

We have also been acting as news reporters relating the earth-shattering events of the Iron Man vs S.B.A.D.  Do read two of the news report extracts included here. 

5C - 12.10.20-16.10.20
This week we have spent some time exploring the surface of the moon and how craters are formed. We experimented with distance from the surface of the moon and the size of the meteorites to see if we could see any patterns. What do you think we used to replicate the moon and the meteors? We will give you a clue, it was MESSY!
5C - 28.9.20-02.10.20

5C have enjoyed a wonderful week exploring the fantastic 'See through my eyes' by Karl Nova. They spent some time understanding the language and how it related to them and their lives. We then had some time rehearsing our favourite lines, ending in a performance. 

Check out this performance!

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5LE - 28.9.20-02.10.20

5LE really enjoyed their Poetry Day, where we studied the poem "Through my eyes", by Karl Nova. We had an in-depth discussion about their own thoughts and dreams about this amazing poem. Feel free to "google" it.


The children in 5LE decided to rehearse and perform sections of this poem. We enjoyed listening to each others' varied performances. Please look at our work! 

Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the new school year! They have created poems based on the book 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers, used their artistic skills to create posters about the world around us and have even managed to squeeze in some self portraits.

Year 5 @ Redbridge Drama Centre

Squash at Redbridge Sports Centre

We learnt about earthquakes thanks to a visit by Geobus

Maes y Lade

World Book Day share a story 📚

Maes-y-Lade Sunday 28th April – Friday 3rd May 2019

Year 5 have been enjoying learning about forces. Here's something you can try at home!