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Year 4

4D really enjoyed our Anglo Saxon day earlier this term!

4W had an excellent time at the Christmas carol service at the Holy Trinity Church today. It was so special to be together for this.

4E had an excellent day at West Stow Anglo Saxon Village this week. Have a look at some of the things we got up to.

Learning to tell the time in year 4

Computing- planning how to write computer code by acting it out

Maths- Calculating change at the 'shopping centre'

Making electrical circuits

4W science and art!

4D's Judaism museum

Year 4 used their learning in RE to create a museum of Jewish artefacts. They had to identify the artefact and research it in order to create the label to go next to it. The children really enjoyed this hands-on learning and could even identify some artefacts which they would like to have added to their museum!

4F Judaism museum

Science Week

4D baking fairtrade gingerbread biscuits- weighing ingredients is great maths practice!

4F learning about the melting point of ice by using the data loggers to measure temperature.

4D made some christmas decorations for our class!

Glockenspiel practice in 4F

4W make models of the water cycle

4W Maths - measurement

We have been learning about road safety so today we wore florescent coloured accessories to remind us to be safe and be seen!

Day glo day 20.11.20

Anglo-Saxon Day 16.11.20


We spent the day dressed as Anglo-Saxons as part of our history topic. We learnt about Saxon names and people's roles in society, clothing, religion, writing and burial. We planned a traditional Saxon feast and listened to the Saxon story of Beowulf around the fire. 

4D's Anglo Saxon Day

4F enjoy Anglo-Saxon Day

Some of the beautiful work 4F have completed in English, on display around the classroom.

Today in Forest School, Year 4 got to take part in an archaeological dig. We used trowels and paintbrushes to remove the mud from our finds to help us identify them, and tried to decide whether the object could be ancient or modern.

4D Forest School 16.10.20

4F Forest School 16.10.20

4W Forest School 16.10.20

4W Maths - place value and partitioning

4D Poetry Day


4D have been performing 'Who Knows' by Liz Brownlee. Click on the links below to watch the children performing their stanzas!


ET and AA and TO

HD and EM and WB and IM

IO and SDG and HW and MB

NP and EF and MG and OO

YY and IP


4F Poetry Day - we read the same poem, and focused on memorising and performing a stanza of the poem with intonation, tone, volume and action.

Click on the initials to see their work:

I and E

D and K

E and N

G and A

A and A

M and M

E and A

S and A

C and A

N and Z

K and R

R and L

4F investigate sound

4F Art and history lessons

The children have been learning about Anglo Saxons in history. In art, they created a model house using their knowledge of the building materials and features of the houses that Anglo Saxons lived in. This has helped develop their motor skills when cutting and sticking!

Year 4 2020 

The children have enjoyed their first couple of weeks back. We have been doing lots of PE, handwriting and maths games to get the children familiar with their learning again. We have also been looking at a book called 'Here We Are' by Oliver Jeffers.

The children have been inspired by this book to create a range of work. We have been thinking about some of the positive environmental aspects of the Covid-19 lockdown, and the children have created short information broadcasts about this subject. Please see below.

4F -click on the initials to play the video. (I have used the children's initials to anonymise them.)

A and A

A and E

A and R

E and L

F and N

I and E

K and A

K and D

M and L

N and E

S and A

K, G and R

Forest School

In addition, we started our forest school activities. The children are enjoying learning outside and working together as a team to explore the natural environment.